Entry #2

Tiny Greens, Microgolf Egypt progress

2017-07-16 18:18:06 by turtlesf

While Tiny Greens is a larger game and still in development, MicroGolf Egypt is almost ready for launch. Yes lol, I have two golf games going on at once. Reason is, when developing Tiny Greens, I wanted to make a top down 3D golf game.

Coming in about a week or so to Newgrounds. There will also be a phone and desktop version.

In other news, codeinferno.com will have a brand new fancy design fairly soon.







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2017-07-18 12:00:46

More than one golfing iron in the fire, eh? I remember your first few games here, so I played a few of the newer ones... yup, you made another fan! Wishing you the best and hoping all that code translates well to the different platforms.

turtlesf responds:

I think that is awesome that you remember playing my old newgrounds games and can see how my games have improved since then. Thank you for the support - glad to have a new fan!